Playstation Download In Background Problems

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Some games have a constant connection to online leaderboards. Downloads halt when you connect a game or play a game online. Some games will still allow you to DL in the background even if they connect online, but most of them don t. and yes, Sony made this clear when they added Backround .EVEN THOUGH THE ERROR TELLS YOU TO!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>”DO NOT “DOWNLOAD IT IN BACKGROUND!!!”.Some others have just said that the game continues to download in the background, albeit slowly. I m not sure what the deal is with this game. But I m currently dealing with this nonsense too. I downloaded the PS plus games of the month with absolutely no problem literally less than an hour ago .. Download the file again from PS Store ONLY! NOT FROM YOUR TRANSACTION LIST ON PS! EVEN THOUGH THE ERROR TELLS YOU TO!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>”DO NOT “DOWNLOAD IT IN BACKGROUND!!!”.

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