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Use background NSURLSession . It handles network interruptions and downloads exceeding minutes. See Downloading Content in the Background section of The App Programming Guide for iOS, which describes background downloads. Also refer to WWDC video in What s New in Foundation .We ll see everything in details, but first let s add the class s file to the project. On your keyboard hit the Command N combination to let Xcode present the guide for adding a new file. In the first window, select the Objective C class in the Cocoa Touch category under the iOS section. Background Transfer .A Quick Simple Method. Get file. Get file on a background thread to stop GUI locking up dispatch_async dispatch_get_global_queue DISPATCH_QUEUE_PRIORITY_DEFAULT, , ^{ NSData* data = [NSData dataWithContentsOfURL [NSURL URLWithString @”. mydomain.com comefile.php”]] [self .Downloading files in background with URLSessionDownloadTask. This snippet demonstrates how to use URLSessionDownloadTask to download files in background so that they can completed even if the app is terminated. It also shows how to implement progress monitoring for multiple tasks running in .

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