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Image Result For Objective C Background Downloada

Image Result For Objective C Background Downloada

In the first window, select the Objective C class in the Cocoa Touch category under the iOS section. Background Transfer Service Add Class. Click Next and in the second step, in the Subclass of field add the NSObject value. Then, in the Class field set the FileDownloadInfo as the class name. Background .Use background NSURLSession . It handles network interruptions and downloads exceeding minutes. See Downloading Content in the Background section of The App Programming Guide for iOS, which describes background downloads. Also refer to WWDC video in What s New in Foundation .Other apps might want to download content in the background so that it can minimize the delay in presenting that content to the user. When you find it necessary to keep your app running in the background, iOS helps you do so efficiently and without draining system resources or the user s battery..Simple Background Transfer. Last Revision Version ., . Updated for final release. iOS . or later. “SimpleBackgroundTransfer” illustrates how to support Background Transfer using NSURLSession to manage a download task. Next. Copyright Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved..

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