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Download Unclaimed Property Records. The State Controller safeguards lost and forgotten property turned over to the state e.g., bank accounts, uncashed checks, insurance benefits, wages, stocks, bonds, safe deposit box contents until it can be claimed by the rightful owners..

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There is no central source to look for unclaimed money from the government that might be owed to you. While it can sometimes be hard to know where to start, this tool offers free, official sources of information to help you find your way Compass with a Stack of Gold Coins in the Center Search for.Unclaimed Money Get What is Rightfully Yours! billion dollars this is the mind boggling sum of unclaimed money tied up in unknown pension funds, bonds, government agencies and other official establishments across the US..Indiana Unclaimed Money. Under a law passed by the Indiana General Assembly in and revised in , personal property and money that has gone unclaimed or lying abandoned for a certain period of time, is turned over to the Attorney General’s Unclaimed Property Division..Does the government owe you money? There might be unclaimed funds or property waiting for you from savings or checking accounts, wages and pensions, tax refunds, life insurance policies, and a lot more. Companies may offer to find this money for a fee. And scammers may try to trick you with fake.

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