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Go get u google go tika cmd tika. To download the Apache Tika . Server, check the MD sum, start the server in the background, and parse a file, run $GOPATH bin tika filename path to file to parse download_version . parse. This will store tika server jar in your current working directory..Make your photo background blur,give focus to your face highlight special part of your photo or blur unwanted part of picture using Blur Unwanted Background app. Focus on objects to make them the centre of attraction! Blur Effect in Your Photos allows you to create amazing professional photos against a beautifully .Windows Download jarnal and unzip it into a directory of your choice. To start taking notes double click on jarnal or jarnal.cmd. Pick up the stylus or mouse and start writing. To annotate a pdf document double click on jarnalannotate or jarnalannotate.cmd and choose “open background” from the file menu..

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