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According to the BBC, the researcher, year old Deasy Tuwo was violently mauled by the illegally kept pet crocodile that lived on a pearl farm .Deasy Tuwo, , the head of the CV Yosiki Laboratory in Indonesia was apparently dragged to her by the croc, named Merry. A scientist who was feeding a foot long crocodile was eaten alive by the rapacious reptile. The creature which killed another croc recently .Deasy Tuwo, , is thought to have been feeding the Crocodile, named Merry, lumps of meat when the creature proceeded to drag the woman .

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Deasy Tuwo was the head of a lab in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi She most likely fell into the crocodile’s enclosure One of her hands was eaten while most of her abdomen was missing.An Indonesian woman was mauled to by a pet crocodile after she fell into the giant reptile’s pen, Agence France Presse reports. Deasy Tuwo, who ran a laboratory at a pearl farm, was .Deasy Tuwo, , was found dead last week after she mauled to by a massive pet crocodile in Sulawesi, officials said..Deasy Tuwo was last seen feeding a snack to the kg crocodile before co workers discovered her body the next day.

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