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A jenglot [dlt] is a deformed humanoid creature in Indonesian culture and mythology. It is described as looking like a tiny, living human doll, and is sometimes said to have formerly been a human being. Contents. [hide]. Whereabouts Feeding Jenglot Exhibition Becoming a Jenglot See also References .Is the creature called jenglot real? Universiti Sains Malaysia’s forensic expert Dr Zafarina Zainuddin had agreed to a request by Seekers, a paranormal group, to run a DNA test. A jenglot is a vampire like creature resembling a small human with long hair..The Jenglot is one of the three mythical items. One of the three special items, that slightly .JENGLOT, mysterious creatures of Indonesia is a strange phenomenon began to spread in the community in year. JENGLOT is an object creature I am puzzled to determine whether the object or creature is a small human form with a body no more than cm and long hair, sparse and stiff through .

Jenglot adalah figur hominoid yang berukuran kecil sekitar cm , berkulit gelap dengan tekstur kasar seperti mumi , berwajah seperti tengkorak dan bertaring .A jenglot [dlt] is a type of ghoul in Indonesian culture and mythology. It is described as .Jenglot, a deformed humanoid creature popular in Indonesian culture and mythology, is nothing more than a man made toy, which has no supernatural power. In the .

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