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Abstract. A polynomial action in the gauge fields is proposed for two and three dimensions, reproducing quadratic gravity. Such action is further amenable for .SpringerLink. Search Constraintysis of two dimensional quadratic gravity from { BF} theory. Authors Constrained systems{ BF} theoryQuadratic gravity .Abstract. Scientific facts are loaded with values, but, it is argued, this does not viciously compromise the objectivity of scientific claims, because the values that . this article as Paris, D., Townsend, K., Quadros, A. et al. Angiogenesis . doi . B AGEN bf. Citations Downloads .

Eukaryotic genomes contain methylcytosine mC as a rare base. mC arises by postsynthetic modification of cytosine and occurs, at least in animals, predominantly .Ischemic colitis represents the most common form of gastrointestinal ischemia. The presumed etiologies are numerous however, it typically develops “spontaneously .

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