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Summary. A “new” variant band in the Bf system has been found in the serum of three individuals belonging to a tribe of Brazilian Indians KarajaBan.Goias and in the serum of a Caucasian individual from the area of Strasbourg. It is highly probable that the band represents another allele at the Bf locus BfS .Abstract. A polynomial action in the gauge fields is proposed for two and three dimensions, reproducing quadratic gravity. Such action is further amenable for quantization and based upon the topological BF theory..Abstract. Scientific facts are loaded with values, but, it is argued, this does not viciously compromise the objectivity of scientific claims, because the values that permeate scientific discourse a are loaded in turn with facts, b are not immune from critical revision, and c have changed in the past and continue to be subjected .Quadratic gravity in two dimensions can be formulated as a background field BF theory plus an interaction term which is polynomial in both, the gauge and background fields. This formulation is similar to the one given by Freidel and Starodubtsev to obtain MacDowell Mansouri gravity in four dimensions. In this article we .

The causes of certain types of explosions are known and understood. But what of the explosions that occur when molten materials come in contact with water? Are they .Results of an experimental determination of the specific heat of HO HSO solutions at low temperatures are presented and the heat capacity of a heterogeneous two .Guzheng Traditional Chinese instrumental Zheng, or Guzheng is a kind of Chinese zither with movable bridges and strings. It is one of the best inherited .Monopterus albus .

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